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The Social Center is more than an agency or a hub. It's a whole new way to work. Social specialists—from data analysts and strategists to creatives and content creators—work side by side with clients to analyze, concept and create social work that breaks through the feed to get liked, shared and discussed.

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The Coca-Cola Company

The Social Center

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For The Coca-Cola Company’s introduction to the TikTok platform, it was of utmost importance to use TikTok in a way that was natural to the platform and its creators, while promoting social good at the same time. A leading insight that immediately moved the Coca-Cola brand to action was the fact that BIPOC creators across TikTok are often the originators of viral trends and content, but are rarely recognized or compensated accordingly. BIPOC creators typically receive approximately 1/10th the compensation of their non-BIPOC counterparts. In 2021, we found this to be especially relevant on TikTok, a platform of fans that are oftentimes the originator and facilitator in actions against injustice, making its way beyond social media to the mainstream media masses. This problem was something we hoped to take a meaningful step in correcting with our campaign.

keep living smart

keep living smart

In 2021, smartwater needed a way to refresh its brand image and introduce people on social to its new platform, “Keep Living Smart.” The campaign was born out of the insight that, in today’s oversaturated climate of preachy health/self-care trends and unsubstantiated wellness claims, Millennial and Gen Z consumers don’t want to be told how to lead a smart and healthy lifestyle. They already know how to do that. Instead, they’re looking for validation and empowerment to keep living smart on their terms, however, that looks for them. Our goal was to reinvigorate smartwater on Instagram with unique content leveraging Pete’s authentic and “off-the-beaten-path” personality to drive brand interest and relevance with a younger, more down-to-earth audience.

Sprite x McDonald's

April Fools' Day

On a day focused on fictitious whimsical products that would never happen, we decided to capitalize on the trend and give our fans what they never knew they needed (or some, what they’ve always been asking for). We created the canned “Limited Edition” “Spicy” McDonald’s Sprite. Influenced by the trend started by #BlackTwitter back in 2017, our fans and community helped amplify our organic play, generating 40.4K+ additional earned engagements on over 50+ responses. As big name brands, like McDonald’s, UNO, and Redbox, joined in and other influential outlets such as World Star Hip Hop and Daquan reshared our tweet, our potential reach extended to 4 billion potential impressions.


Building A House Of Pain

When WarnerMedia & Turner announced they wanted to reinvent the way the world thinks of gameshows by bringing Complex’s hit YouTube show, Hot Ones, to televisions, they called on us to establish brand new social channels for Hot Ones: The Game Show 2020 launch. While only 40 people got to compete in the Pepperdome IRL, it became our mission to recreate that experience as much as we could for our fans. Cultivating an audience from scratch, from 0 to >40k fans in a single season. Our secret ingredient? Pain and suffering. But that only holds up for so long, so we also created new ways to keep our audience engaged. Like live social gameplay during the airing of the show. We gave our Twitter and Instagram followers a chance to put themselves to the test.


The Zone

In the most distanced year of our fans' lives, we put out a CTA for our audience to join the cast of The Zone: The Reality show of your dreams. We selected four lucky teens and turned their dreams into Fanta-fueled animations; each having their time in the spotlight. Simultaneously, we co-created each episode via interactive weekly polls on social.


Together We Must

I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing. Mean Joe Green. Throughout its illustrious history, Coca-Cola has always stood firmly planted on the right side of history. Sadly, 2020 happened. George Floyd happened. And 400 years of racial injustice erupted into a decisive moment in American history. Coca-Cola wanted to use to use its reach and power to send a message of intent, of hope, of action, of not going back to where we’ve been. “Together We Must” is that message…and that action.

In a year of uncertainty, unrest, and division, our messages of uplift were well received as we raised up our community of optimists and turned over our channels to voices that needed to be heard. Throughout 2020, we saw 757,134,427 total impressions, 592,316 total engagements, and +3.1% in follower growth with +66,924 new followers in 2020.

Always-On Real Time Content

Always-On Real Time Content

After a nearly six-month hiatus from social media due to the pandemic and ongoing social justice issues that defined 2020, vitaminwater needed to return to its audience and get back to being the irreverent, more-than-meta personality that our following has come to know and love. As a brand that has always found a way to insert itself into pop culture, we decided to come back online as if we never left, dropping our brand into hyper-relevant conversations and content in the most subversive ways. Leveraging an always-on approach, we’re able to react to culture in real time on a daily basis, from bizarre memes on Instagram to text-only tweets that make you do a double take. Proving that vitaminwater never misses a beat—even when a global pandemic attempts to get in the way.


The Give Back

“The Give Back” was a program to take meaningful and tangible actions to support the Black community in the fight against issues that are disproportionately affecting them – including racial injustice and the COVID-19 pandemic. Sprite passed the mic to some of today’s most influential voices in hip hop culture and gave them the opportunity to recommend community organizations who they believe are doing the best work to serve & support creators and their communities—or even to provide direct financial support to those creators.


Power In Numbers

Athletes are driven by numbers. Whether it’s the digits on the jerseys, their best times, the number of career wins, the numbers that drive athletes become a part of their identity. To peel those stories away from the chest, POWERADE catalyzed the sports community into thinking deeply about what numbers are important to them and why.


Unable to shoot film interviews because of COVID, we shifted gears from traditional film interviews and went with bringing their audio to life from a recorded zoom interview. That combined with an image and dynamic animation helped draw in the curiosity of our fans for their whole story.

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