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The car insurance segment has been the same game for decades—an industry designed for everyday driving and long commutes, chock-full of shady practices, hidden contractual potholes, and unnecessary overpayments. It's a game consumers always lose. Until Metromile. This tech startup was created for young-adult urbanites, reinventing the category with its “pay-what-you-drive” model. To help them launch, we created “BEEPED,” a campaign that takes a provocative look at how the industry screws over drivers, positioning Metromile as a modern, fair alternative.

Prada x ELLE

Unleash Your Inner Boss Lady

Our campaign needed to tell a story that would attract and resonate with a younger audience, as well as align with Prada fashion aficionados. We partnered with Hearst Digital and ELLE Magazine to create an exclusive mini-series that tackled the subject of female empowerment through a branded lens. This was the first-ever scripted piece of branded content ELLE had ever produced. We used video content as a key format and distributed across all ELLE touchpoints, focusing heavily on social media.

Our content helped elevate the brand’s universe and address a fashion-obsessed audience. It is now used as a best in class example by Hearst Digital for all their future branded content and generated earned PR from several industry publications with over 8.8M impressions, 3.3M video views, and 34% engagement rate.

Agencies: Havas Creative, Havas Sports & Entertainment.

The Coca-Cola Company

Believe With U.S.

To celebrate The FIFA Women’s World Cup and to share our unrelenting belief in the U.S. Women’s National Team, for the first time ever, Coca-Cola, in partnership with U.S Soccer, turned the match nets at She Believes Cup red. For select fans, Coke partnered with Alex Morgan & the USWNT to create a special "Believe Band" to showcase their ongoing support emotionally and visually. Each band was handmade from these same match nets, making them as durable as the fan's belief in their team. Bands were wound into retail integrations, live watch party events, and all across social media.

But the support didn’t stop there. Coke also gave everyone in the U.S. a chance to wear their optimism on their wrists with special 20oz Coca-Cola bottles featuring tearaway USWNT wristbands. These wristbands not only featured graphics supporting the team, but also unlocked special experiences for fans via sip-scan technology. In addition, Toolkits were created for local markets to further amplify the concept locally. Throughout the Spring & Summer, we distributed 10K exclusive Believe Bands, activated across 8 live events, saw 3.2M+ social impression, and shared millions of wristbands on packs across North America, culminating in the US Women's National Team winning their fourth FIFA World Cup Trophy.

The Call of Carl's
Carl's Jr.

The Call of Carl's

“The Call of Carl’s” is a multi-channel campaign that capitalizes on the crave culture of delicious and indulgent food that Carl’s Jr. is known for. To stand out from the rest of the Quick-Service Restaurant category, we went beyond simply showing mouthwatering visuals of Carl’s Jr.’s tasty burgers and menu items—we wanted to capture that visceral feeling of anticipation people get when they experience a craving they just can’t resist. With the alluring and unmistakable voice of Matthew McConaughey as the campaign’s personification of cravings, we brought the campaign to life through TV, radio, digital, social, out-of-home, and in-store touchpoints. Illustrating that once you’re hit with the call, wherever you may be, you have no choice but to answer.

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