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ATL's cultural incubator lab

Walking the walk

Annex conducts experiments in relevance with emerging cultures using our highly diverse creative team and the power of social and ethnographic data. We don’t just have an office—we are a destination for collaboration with the community we live in, enabling us to stay connected as active contributors of culture. With this accelerator lab, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

Atlanta Influences EverythingAtlanta Influences Everything
Annex Bookstore

Atlanta Influences Everything

With the help of our partner, Atlanta Influences Everything, we knew there was only one way to introduce Havas to Atlanta and Atlanta to Havas’s latest network addition, throw the most authentic event in our new home, Annex Bookstore.

Ed Sheeran No. 6 Collab

Global Album Release Pop-Up

To announce the drop of his latest album No. 6 Collaborations Project, Ed Sheeran surprised fans across the globe with 12 pop-up shops which were all located in cities that were home to featured artists on the new album. Annex Bookstore was home to the only pop-up shop in the southeast of the United States, Atlanta. Each shop offered exclusive merchandise and experiential features all tied to the brand-new album and the collaborative artist on the album from each city. The streetwear brands Rhude, Chinatown Market, and KidSuper also teamed up to create the limited-edition merch.

Jeezy's Stage99

Emerging Artist Showcases

Since early 2019, Jeezy, Annex & Stage99 host a unique show featuring the newest and hottest up-and-coming talent in the music industry at Annex Bookstore monthly. Our goal: to motivate inspiring musicians, give them a platform to showcase their talents in front of industry professionals, and create a space where people can network and make authentic connections through music, art and culture.

Wussy Magazine

Drag Brunch x Atlanta Pride

Wussy Magazine, Tito’s, and Havas came together to celebrate Atlanta’s thriving LGBT+ community and its allies with an inclusive, music-centric, pop up brunch event at the Annex Bookstore. The event highlighted some of the best performers in Atlanta’s drag culture as well as featured performances by coveted RuPaul’s Drag race star Tammy Brown.

The Coca-Cola Company x MLS

eMLS Cup

When Atlanta United and the Portland Timbers qualified for MLS Cup on November 29, 2018, Coca-Cola, Havas, and MLS quickly teamed up to take advantage of Coca-Cola’s partnership with each Club and the League through MLS’s new property, eMLS. The night before the teams took the field for the MLS Cup, Coca-Cola and eMLS came together in celebration of the two teams left standing and took over Annex Bookstore. The event mirrored MLS Cup, featuring each Club’s esports athlete in a special eMLS showdown, brought together some of the top MLS athletes, Atlanta’s most recognizable celebrities, and a few extra consoles.

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