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'The South's Got
Something To Say'

– OutKast

Havas Atlanta
(aka Havas ATL)

We’re a new agency that stands for something—and that’s standing for something.

We’re part of the world’s most integrated advertising and communications group. A village of thinkers and doers with a truly unique proposition—Creative, Media, and Sports & Entertainment, side by side by side, working together seamlessly in teams built around our clients’ needs, not our own. So we operate under one vision, one shared way of working, one meaningful mission: to make people feel something.

Because if they feel something, they’ll do something.

Our people

Multi-hyphenated in how we think and what we do. Authentic and diverse in our points of view and talents. Inclusive in how we act and grow. We’re more than an integrated agency team, we are your Social, Gaming & Culture experts.


Stephanie Nerlich

Stephanie Nerlich

Havas North America
Jen Copeland

Jen Copeland

Managing Director
Angela Pitts

Angela Pitts

Director of Talent
Kecia Stokes

Kecia Stokes

Director of Finance
Nick Senter

Nick Senter

Executive Producer
Randy Newby

Randy Newby

Group Program Director
Daniel Cobb

Daniel Cobb

Creative Director
Payton Green

Payton Green

Growth & Marketing Lead


Unlike other agencies, our partners aren't just other agencies. They’re music labels, gaming companies, live event organizers, TV networks, film studios and video distribution platforms.

Together, we boast an entertainment offering that invents a new relationship between Brands, consumers and entertainment.

Why? Because work that is meaningful is work that’s cultural. And work that’s often an industry first.

Introducing Havas Atlanta (aka Havas ATL)
Universal Music

The world's leading music company, including more than 50 labels covering all genres of recorded music, music publishing and merchandising.


A global force in pay-TV as well as the production, sales and distribution of movies and TV series.


The second-largest French-language publishing group, encompassing fiction, children’s books, non-fiction, graphic and illustrated books, and educational and reference books.


A global leader in mobile games, with 2.5 million downloads per day.


One of the biggest video content aggregation and distribution platforms in the world, with 250 million users each month.


A powerful collection of ticketing systems, venues and production houses spanning the entire globe.

Meaningful Brands

Meaningful BrandsMeaningful Brands
Our proprietary research, Meaningful Brands, spans 350,000 people worldwide in 31 markets for 22 industries and 1,800 brands each year. It discovered that:


of brands could disappear and no one would care


of consumers think companies and brands should communicate honestly about their commitments and promises


of the content provided by brands is not meaningful to consumers

It’s these key findings that have led to the creation of our Meaningful Brands strategic framework. A unique approach that’s allowed us to understand a Brand’s value—how meaningful it is to its consumers—is defined by a combination of “functional”, “personal” and “collective” benefits. Used across strategy and planning teams in all our agencies around the world, Meaningful Brands acts as the “glue” in our integrated process and provides a common approach to strategic thinking to ensure we deliver meaningful business growth for our clients.
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